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The passion and love for perfumery was the spark for Anfas to start. the journey of Anfas began with seeking for the reliable resources of the finest and high quality pure and natural “Dihn el Oud” & “Wood Oud”.
We are also proud to deal with the best professional designers who have the finest taste and sense in creating unique designs that distinguish the identity and products of 'Anfas' and reflects on the quality and buyer’s satisfaction.
Then we strived to build a brand that reflects the world of perfumery called “Anfas” under the title "Fragrances that take you to another world!"

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Must is the king of perfumes. with a cool, soft, distinctive scent that differs from all types of perfumes. The oily Musk can be used to perfuming the body & hair


Wood Oud is one of the finest types of oud, what distinguishes it is its aromatic scent. It can be used for perfuming the house, furniture and clothes


One of the rarest oily perfumes that is extracted from the Out trees. The scent of it imparts a delightful sense of beauty and luxury. Dehn el Oud is known for its strong and long-lasting scent


It is characterized by its pleasant long-lasting scent. The Luban is extracted from the trees of Dhofar Governorate, which are famous for their authentic Omani frankincense.


A sense of luxury to everyone feels the scent of this sensational smell, a smell that adds that unique royal touch. Its perfect for daily and for special occasions.

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